Friday, February 04, 2005

Oh, Pants

Leila was watching me get dressed yesterday morning. She had just woken up and was sitting up in bed when I got out of the shower. When I put on my underwear, she said Poop. I think that's her name for diapers. I said "These are panties." Then I got my pants out, and she said, in a very wise tone of voice, "oh, pants." I don't know if she was commenting on my lack of style or just practising her vocabulary.
She clung to me a bit as I was getting ready for work. I held her while I put on my makeup- she said "Eyes" as I penciled my brows. It was very interesting for her. Finally I put her down with some milk to watch tv. When I left she gave me a big grin and a wild wave, even though she had been fussing a few minutes before.
This morning she was really upset when I left. It might have been because I had changed her clothes and she thought she was going to. But she got between me and the door and pushed me and then pushed the door so I couldn't open it. I finally picked her up for a moment and then passed her off to papa. He isn't feeling well, poor guy, but promised her they'd go to the park later.
Yesterday was my 24 week visit to the midwife. I met Lynn, another of the midwives, this time. She seems very strict and no nonsense. I had to keep track of my food for a week and did this week, when I ate cake and ice cream and lots of sweets everyday. She said I'm not to eat sweets and I need to eat vegetables. And, she said I have to walk an hour every day. She could tell I was stressed out. I had told her how tough my week was. I want to be healthy, but I don't have time!!! Arggghhhhh! But I have to.
My weight is 173.5. Last visit was 168. Oops. I gained a little too much. Of course, I actually lost weight in my first trimester because of breastfeeding Leila all night long.
When I got home I put Leila in her stroller and went for a 20-25 minute walk. Then when I got home we had visitors, but after they left I pulled some veggies out of the freezer and made rice. So, at least I'm trying to be healthy. No icecream before bed either, but Leila and I had some popcorn- air popped with only salt.
No more time to type. I've got sooo much work to do before I go home, which I should be doing now.

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