Wednesday, November 10, 2004


This morning I got the most wonderful kiss. Leila was standing up on her dressing table as I finished getting her jeans on, and she smiled at me and leaned in for a big lip smacking kiss.
I was reading an article last night that said by 18 months children are supposed to understand 100 words and speak 50. Luckily bilingual children are allowed to be slower. But, she knows more than I thought. Last night I picked up her plastic butterfly and called it "butterfly" several times. Then, she say "fy". She's repeated it a few times, so she knows the word. The other word she surprised me with this morning was on her Baby Einstein video. She turned to me and said "ello" for the yellow she had just heard on the video.
Last night the poor thing didn't want to go to bed. She was crying and crying, but I was firm. Then she started tugging at her turtleneck. I gave in and changed it, but when she started again with the new shirt I'd put on her, I didn't comply. Of course, she was tired and fell asleep.
This morning at Anisa's house I was getting her bag out of the trunk and I told her to knock on the door. She waited for me to ring the doorbell, and then she knocked.
Yesterday someone stole my purse out of my office that I had left open. I canceled the cards, and then looked around some. The cleaning staff found it in the downstairs bathroom and everything was there but the money. They had thrown the cards into the toilet, which wasn't very nice, though. I'm just glad to have the glasses and car keys and id back. My bank is so ridiculous that they insisted on a d.l. to get a new debit card. What about the people who don't have a driver's license? I've written them a firm letter.

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