Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I now have to remember this post and type it again. The bloody thing disappeared on me when I tried to post it!

Leila has no patience at all. Last night I served myself a bowl of piping hot soup and then sat down with it. Leila climbed up in my lap begging to eat. I gave her my bread to slow her down, but she wanted soup, and now! I put a little on the spoon to cool, and then gave it to her. Then I served another spoon. I wasn'tfeeding fast enough for her, so she grabbed the spoon. The soup sloshed alarmingly. I was trying to maintain control of the bowl, so she got control of the spoon. She put it in her mouth and then said "hot, hot" and waved her hands. Yep! Earlier she had said "hot" and the reached up and touched the pot of soup on the stove. What a nut!
I don't have any patience either. This morning I was trying to get her ready for her playdate and she kept getting distracted by the pepsi cans that she was building with. She picked up the ones that had fallen over, and then moved them all close to each other. When she started building with them again I realized that she had not intention of coming down to her room and getting changed. Of course, I was very late for work!
The other day I sent H an instant message. He wasn't in the office, but Leila was, so she typed in b b b b and then went and got him to send it to me. Smart baby, eh?

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