Friday, October 22, 2004

"no, no, no"

Leila has started saying no. But she's really cute about it. It's not an irritating rebellious no, but an exploratory one. Yesterday I wanted her to sit in her chair, and she responded "no, no, no" (which sometimes sounds like now) but then a little bit later she fussed to be put into it. I'm sure I'll be irritated by the nos soon enough, but right now its very cute.
Last night she was engaging in her active sport of cuddling. It was sweet, but I had a migraine so it was difficult too. This morning I dropped her off at her friend's house to play, and she wasn't sad at all to see me go-Too much to do and see.
Yesterday I had a massage at Richland's massage center, but it didn't do away with the migraines. Being pregnant, I can't have a complete massage. I guess there are some dangerous pressure points for pregnant women.

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