Wednesday, November 03, 2004

two inches long and waving at mom!

Last week at church I was talking to Judah's mother and she had counted up Judah's words. I realized I need to do that for Leila. I think she has more than I realize. The other day we were looking at a book of animals and she "read" the first three pages- "Wau-wau" (dog), "cat", and "Coo-coo" (Bird.) She also says "Mummum" and puts her fingers to her mouth for food. I couldn't figure out the finger thing until I remembered that I was trying to give her a few signs and that was the one for food. She's said "Bye-bye" for a long time, but now she's added a word that sounds like "diddy". She says it to various people, so I don't know what it means. She says and signs hot "Ha, ha" and shakes her hand. She says "hatti" for give (and take I guess). That's arabic for give me, and take sounds similar. She says "neni" for nursing I think. We say "neni-neni" for sleep, but I think she's taken it for nursing. She usually says "Bye" to Habib when she's going to go to sleep. I can't think if she's says anything else. BUT, she can READ! She recognizes that letters are letters, and she will look at them in a book or on a t-shirt and start making letter sounds. It sounds like she's saying the vowels: "e, a, I,"
I'm feeling pretty good these days, but tired. Yesterday I had a sonogram. I was supposed to have a blood test as well so that they could figure out if the fetus had any genetic problems from the MMR shot, but my insurance didn't cover it, and then the fetus was too small to do the complete test. It's one that's replaced the amnioscentisis, which I refuse to have. The sonogram doctor did say that there are no known cases of the MMR vaccine affecting the fetus, it's all theoretical, so I'm just not going to worry about it anymore. The baby is about two inches long and moving about. Everything looked fine, he said.

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