Friday, October 08, 2004

Leila being soooo cute

Leila is super cute these days. She likes to cuddle sometimes, but she does it in strange and rather uncomfortable positions. She'll put her head on my face, for example. Also, she isn't very quiet as she cuddles, but that's okay.
The other night I was wearing a locket and she was playing with it, as she does, so I put it on her. She was soooo happy. She didn't pull at it until a little later, but when I took it off she fussed, so I put it back on. When we were in Tunisia this summer, one of her cousins gave her a beautiful necklace and she wore it on the flight back to London without any fuss at all.
Last night I put a bib on her so she could eat spaghetti. She doesn't usually wear one as she used to tear them off. This one stayed put, and when I took it off she fussed! I think she thought it was like a necklace. I gave her some plastic beads for a while, but I guess they were just too cheap, so she didn't wear them long.
The other day I got out of bed before her and got into the shower. She woke up upset not to find me and opened the door of the bathroom by herself. She was crying and walked over to the tub and tried to climb in. Dad had to rescue her (or me). Later she was calm and came into the bathroom to talk to me. Even though the shower curtain is transparent, she had to pull it aside to talk. I wish I knew what she was saying!
The other night she was up till midnight, and then she told her dad "Nenny" which meant she was ready to sleep. I was already asleep. Finally I know why I've been so tired!

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