Friday, October 08, 2004

8 weeks and about an inch

I'm eating a delicious pasta that my love made. I told him that its sometimes hard for me to cook, and it was ready when I got home last night. So here I have some for lunch.
It's confirmed: I'm about eight weeks pregnant by the doctor's count. It's a bit of a surprise, even though it was really planned. That is, we decided (I did) that next summer would be a good time to have a baby so that I could then go back to teaching in the fall (hopefully a faculty job!) But then I went to the Dr. for a physical, and I needed an MMR shot. I knew you shouldn't get that when preggers, so I asked for a test: it came back negative. (I wouldn't have been even a month then). I went ahead and got the shot, and THEN they gave me a paper that said you shouldn't get pregnant for three months afterward! That meant no baby in the summer, and I didn't want to have one in the Fall. We decided that that meant we just weren't supposed to have one yet. But.... I felt sick and the normal things that are supposed to happen in a woman's body weren't happening, so... I got a home test. Leila was in the bath and Habib was watching tv and I was peeing on a stick! Right away it looked positive, but of course I had to double check and read the box again. Yep! Two pink lines!
The next day I made an appointment with my obgyn and went by the other office to get a copy of my last appointment sheet just in case. Internet research seems to show that the damage to the fetus from MMR vaccines is "theoretical". I'm praying I don't prove any theories.
So, this blog is going to become a record of my pregnancy.
One way for me to tell I'm pregnant is that I just don't want coffee anymore. I drank it for a few days, but this morning I switched to tea. I don't really want that either, but neither do I want a caffeine headache.
Luckily I'm not really sick, just a general malaise.
The baby is about an inch long!

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