Monday, September 06, 2004


Leila's muslim cousin and I were talking about religion, and about Leila having a choice. Ekram said of course, she'll choose yours, the easier one. WHy easier, I asked. Because Islam requires you to do so many things- like pray five times a day.
But I thought about it: is christianity really easier? Isn't it almost easier to have a defined way to reach God? Just because we don't have a list of things to do doesn't mean we don't have to do anything. Religion is about having a relationship with God. And relationships aren't easy- they require time and commitment. Some Christian denominations have defined the things to do, but others (and mine) don't.
But, in some ways Christianity is easier. You don't have to earn an audience with God or find a way to introduce yourself to him/her, you just have to accept that God is waiting for you to begin the relationship. Of course, this isn't always easy- some people want to earn their right to God.
So, people who work think that it isn't right that people can just access God whenever they want. Or that anybody can just access God, even if they aren't very nice people. ANd that's an easy thing to think. It's harder to accept that God loves the people that I wouldn't be caught dead with.

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