Monday, September 06, 2004


Today Leila is 17 months old. Wow. She's such a hoot. I took her shopping with me, and she wore her purple shoes- which she loves to stomp around the house in, (Somehow walking is more fun if its noisy) and she wore a big, blue ring on her arm as a bracelet. She wore it almost the whole time. At one point we lost it in Baby's R Us, but I found it and she was thrilled to put it on. She threw it on the floor at one point and then fussed till I picked it up, at which point she put it on again. She also walks around the house with big card board rings on her arm, or duct tape tubes. And in order to keep them on, she has to keep her arm raised up. She'll do the same thing with my purse- put it, or my lunch bag on her arm- and then walk to the door and say bye-bye. She's going to work, I guess. One day she laughed just like her older cousin Alec used to laugh. And then another, she gave me Claire's mischevious look that said, what else can I do to make you laugh?

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