Monday, February 24, 2014


"Hey, Sami. Are you hungry?"
"No, thank you." (He's my politest child.)
Earlier today we were driving around in the car. "Is that a squirrel?" He asks. (Surely he knows it's a squirrel. He used to call them monkeys, but not for a long time, though he now calls the monkey on the mola in the bathroom a squirrel. Hmmm.)
In any case, we watched the monkey squirrel for a while as it ran around the yard, clearly looking for something. Sami thought it was a tree. I said maybe the squirrel was hungry and looking for food. Sami thought he might like a sandwich. A peanut butter one. A little bit later, after we've driven on, he asks me, "Why the squirrel is hungry?" And then he brought up the sandwich again. I think he felt sorry for the squirrel! I told him the squirrel wanted nuts. Or an apple.

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