Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4th grade

Today's Excite fortune said something like: "Take a moment to remember 4th grade."
I actually did that over the weekend, thinking of my tenth birthday party in fourth grade. Leila turned 10 this weekend- a busy weekend with only time for a family and friends dinner, but no real party. Apparently, double digits is too important not to celebrate, though, so the party will be happening, and soon.
In any case, my tenth birthday party started down at the lake with all the 4th and 5th graders, and then it rained so we had to go back to my house. The 5th grade class was super big, and the kids were older, and thus not necessarily thrilled to be at the party. I remember some sort of fight. I think the birthday girl probably cried, as happens at many good (and all bad) birthday parties. I don't remember the cake, but my mother used to make elaborate ones, so it may have been the year she did the piano.
In any case, it was 33 years ago. And Leila is now 10, which makes me a mother of 10 years. (I KNOW- always about me.) Most of the 5th graders are my friends now on Facebook, and we never fight.
Not enough of the 4th graders are ON Facebook, at least, not often, which is too bad since the other big even this year is our 25th year anniversary of graduating from high school.


Fahad Naseer said...
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Rachel said...

Hah, that's hilarious! I'm so over big bday parties. Nice dinners are fine. Check out my blog?