Friday, January 11, 2013

Sami in the bath

Sami took a bath!!! Hurray! This is big news as he has been afraid of the bathtub for some unknown reason since we were at Grandma's house over Christmas. I thought it was their big bathtub, so we tried to get him in with Ali there but it didn't work. Instead, I shoved him into the water, screaming and kicking, just to get him clean. The we avoided the bathtub for the rest of our stay. I was sure that once we were back with his familiar blue plastic tub he'd be fine. Not so. Again, I tried to put him in with Ali, but he didn't want in.
Finally, in a flash of brilliance, I thought of the red plastic measuring cups that were left in the house by the previous owner. Leila obligingly brought one up stairs, and I showed Sami the joys of scooping water with it in the bathtub. He clearly wanted it, but he shook his head about going into the tub. I persisted, and finally he couldn't resist. He fussed a little as I lowered him in, but I kept my arm around him for a minute or two, and he was soon scooping happily. The I couldn't get him out! Luckily he appears to have rediscovered his love of water.
Today he's walking around like a cowboy, legs spread wide- but he's getting more and more adept at it.
Everything becomes a telephone for him, which he holds up to his ear- even the red measuring cup in the bath worked as one. This morning, he was walking around like a little deal maker with the cell phone at his ear, babbling away. I think he made a cool million.

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