Saturday, January 12, 2013


It was pouring rain again this morning, after only one day of sun this week*, so I thought it a good time to tell Ali about Noah's Ark. After I explained the rainbow after the rain is God's promise to us, Ali said, "But is sometimes God too tired to do a rainbow? Because there isn't always a rainbow after the rain."
He knows the science behind rainbows, so we talked about how God set up science rules, and if it isn't sunny, there won't be a rainbow, but the promise is still there.
*The kids enjoyed the great weather yesterday by finally getting to play in the creek area behind the house. The neighbor kids joined them and they had a fabulous time. Their dad came to call them home, so we met him- he seems very nice. We're so thankful for kids our kids age- a girl Leila's age, a boy Ali's, and an older boy who plays well with them. They also have a little one- older than Sami, but there are lots of baby boys on this street when it comes time for playing.

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