Saturday, April 28, 2012

What we've done

Sami has been working on his sitting skills. He's gotten really good!

 He attends soccer games and works on his charm skills. Here he's smiling like Uncle Serge.
 He's also been teething like mad. 4 months of drooling have finally resulted in one bottom tooth popping out. It's jagged and sharp, and has been used as a weapon. Here he is enacting the "great white hunter" and eating a giraffe. (Sophie, from France, not Africa).

I've been doing yoga, but my "Happy Baby" pose is nowhere near as good as his, nor am I as limber. I wonder if he hurts his foot when he bites it with that one tooth?
 Leila turned nine. We celebrated with an enormous sleepover that went from applying makeup... (these two weren't interested in applying it properly!) gathering bugs in the yard. This is such a great age! Only one girl cried, and it was her older sister, who had come along as a chaperone, who caused it, so it doesn't count.
13 girls (2 older sisters) were there for the evening, and 9 spent the night. Not a one had to go home during the night, and though I didn't make them sleep until midnight, they were all wide awake at 6:40.
Later that morning Leila had a soccer game. The season is winding down, much to my relief. I love that they play, and value it, but 3 different practices a week and two games at a field on the other side of town on Saturdays during high allergy season is a little much. The weather has been lovely- I just wish I could enjoy it. I also wish that the kids could win at least one game! It's hard getting beaten every week- but they are improving.
Ali has been working on his DS skills, and now that the kids got a Wii for their birthdays, playing on that. My folks came for a few days and played with the kids and helped organize the house.
Ali also got behind the wheel of a very slow go-cart at the party of a friend. When they offered him another ride for free, he refused. I don't know why. I guess "slow and steady wins the race" for him.
That pretty much sums up April. I've been grading like mad and trying to finish up some PhD readings, as well as working on the house. We want to put it on the market by the end of May.

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