Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dinner table sillies

Last night we were getting silly at the dinner table, talking about the problems with counting sheep.
You know, like you are counting all these white sheep, and then a black one comes along and messes you up. Or you are counting: sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, goat... what????
Then we started talking about vegetarians, and what they might count- I said onions. Leila said, "but they will make you cry! But then you'll cry yourself to sleep."
Oh, the depths of that humor!
When I was in third grade, I played an onion in a play- The part of my speech I remember is: "Just because I make you cry, you leave me behind! I come in all different colors...."
Today is Leila's 9th birthday. Or, as I like to call it, my 10th momaversary! But really, it's all about celebrating her today. I woke up and heard a faint singing of "Rumor has it.." Leila was outside, swinging and listening to her ipod.
For breakfast, she got pancakes and sausages. Tonight she's requested chicken and dumplings and chocolate pie. She likes all pies, but she knows her brother doesn't, so she's being thoughtful. She also requested that she get to help me make the pie- so that's on today's schedule.


Dee said...

I like your post. It reminds me so much of when my kids were that age. We used to have silly conversations at the dinner table, too. I miss that. Now that my daughter's are 18 & 19, our conversations are more serious, but we still have a good laugh from time to time, too.

Sharoon Sunny said...

"...but they will make you cry! But then you'll cry yourself to sleep." it got me laughing before bedtime. Belated b'day wishes to Lejla!