Monday, March 05, 2012


Apparently, Japan has invented this handy little device to painlessly stop people from talking. It plays back what people are saying with a 0.2 second delay, and their brains can't handle it so they stop talking. While this could come in very handy with a certain daughter of mine, especially before I've had my coffee in the morning, I do a similar trick with Sami when he starts to fuss.
Sami doesn't start crying right away. He spends a little time complaining about the service or grunting in a drawn out way first. I echo back to him what he is saying, and if things aren't too desperate, he'll stop fussing and maybe even laugh a little.
It's not really working now, however, so I better get him off to sleep.
Wed.: Tonight Leila just told me that no one is allowed to talk to her before 7 a.m. I just laughed!

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