Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Your Body is a Sports Arena

Barbara Kruger has a famous work called "Your Body is  Battleground."  Lately, my body is feeling more like a sports arena. The baby is doing somersaults and other tumbling moves when he/she isn't practicing for Tae Kwon Do. It's weird enough when the kicks are on my outer stomach, but when the baby is kicking on the inner side, it's even stranger.
Yesterday I had a big migraine come on right in the middle of class. It's hard to teach grammar when I can barely see because of the migraine aura. Today I thought one might be coming on- and it still might- but at least I'm in my office and not in class today.
Yesterday we broke a record in Texas- the most days of over 100 degree weather. Some people were disappointed when a cold front a few weeks ago interupted the record for most days over 100 in a row. Now they can celebrate that this is officially the hottest summer on record. It should break with a cold front coming through tomorrow. I'm certainly ready for it. This was the wrong summer to be pregnant and stuck in Texas the ENTIRE summer. Usually we escape to cooler climes for a week or two at the least.
Oh well, it's over now.

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jo(e) said...

I cannot even imagine being pregnant in that kind of heat. We had one day over 100 -- one day -- and all I could do was lie on the floor and complain.