Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weird Pregnancy Dreams

I think I've had about one with every pregnancy, but I was wondering where the dream for this one was. I had it last night. I can't remember it in detail, of course, but I was traveling around with my baby. However, the baby hadn't really been born yet (I swear I had a similar one with Ali? where I decided he didn't need a car seat in the taxi because he wasn't actually born yet.) This time, the baby was out, but I was going to have to go to the birth center in a few weeks and actually go through the labor since I hadn't yet.
Where do these come from? Are they about the baby being reality?
This morning I "got" to do a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I did the one hour last week before my 26 week visit. I had to drink a horrible drink and then have blood drawn an hour later. I wasn't supposed to eat for 2 hours before the drink. This time, I couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight. Then I got to the center when it opened and had a baseline blood test drawn and THEN drank the horrible drink- over ice, luckily. An hour later they drew blood, then an hour after that, and one more time. I was really worried about not being able to eat or drink for that long since I wake up parched and ravenous in the morning, but it wasn't too bad. I slept on a comfy couch in the birthing room and read magazines between blood draws. But I think, now that I've had my coffee and lunch, that I'm going to head off for another siesta before my chiro appointment.
I'll get the results tomorrow. I'm not to worried about having gestational diabetes. I've gained a bit more weight than with the other kids, but really not that much. I think I lost a few pounds in the first 3 months- and I've gained about 18 lbs by now. With both L and A I gained 20 total, I think.

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