Sunday, July 24, 2011

Using up Girl Scout Cheerios

Way back in May we went camping as a girl scout troop. I bought most of the food but some moms sent snacks. There were tons of leftovers, including about 4 ziplocs full of Cheerios that I tried to return to the mom in question, but it just didn't happen. I'm really tired of having them sitting around my house, so I Googled Cheerio recipes. It turns out there is a whole section of the Cheerio website devoted to recipes- who knew? But the one I settled on was from (I doubled it- risky for a first time recipe, and left out the salty peanuts as I didn't have any.)
Today I mixed up 1 cup of sugar and1 cup of honey in a pan, and brought them to a boil. Then I threw in a cup of peanut butter, 6 cups of cheerios, and half a bag of chocolate chips, which promptly melted. I smushed them into a 9x13 pan and am waiting for them to cool so we can sneak them into the movies. The spoon I licked tasted pretty good, though.
These remind me a bit of the puffed wheat bars my granny used to make. I found a recipe online for those- they seem to be a prairie province Canadian thing- but I don't remember hers having chocolate in them. Anyway, I'll make them next.


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh, that recipe looks good! I've often been tempted to make Cheerio Treats following the Rice Krispy treat recipe, but haven't been adventurous enough.

Lomagirl said...

These are yummy- but I won't be making them with Cheerios anymore. I think the combo didn't agree with me too well.