Sunday, March 13, 2011

First lost tooth

Yesterday Ali ran off the soccer field when the quarter ended and told us he'd finally lost his tooth. I double checked that he hadn't swallowed it, but he assured me it had fallen on the ground.  I tried to convince the kids that it would grow into a tooth tree, but they wouldn't believe me. I told them the tooth fairy planted all the teeth she got in her garden and grew more teeth which she planted in kids' mouths, but they weren't biting. Leila said she uses the teeth to build her house- like to add a pool room- a pool table room and a swimming pool room, both.
This morning I remembered that the tooth fairy had forgotten to visit last night, and I snuck a dollar's worth of quarters under his pillow pet. Luckily he had forgotten to check, so he was excited when I reminded him and he found his loot.

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