Monday, October 25, 2010

you say potato- he says "yum!"

I've got a picky eater on my hands. But lately, he's been devouring potatoes. Last week quartered and roasted young red potatoes, and he devoured those, and requested I make them instead of french fries. He even ate them straight from the fridge for snack.
Last night I made potato soup for dinner- a childhood favorite of mine that I rarely remember to make. We doctored it up with turkey salami (we were out of bacon) and cheese, and once again, it was a big hit with him. He's even asked me to make it again some time. Unfortunately, his sister wasn't so impressed. But since she's not really a picky eater, when I find stuff he'll eat, I will definitely make it again. (She didn't like the lentil soup that he loved last week either.)
And now he is here, telling me that he's hungry, his regular mantra from after school until dinner time. (And yes, I'm giving him food! He just wants to eat and eat.)
"Juicy," he just said as he took a pear out of the fridge. Yesterday he put one in for about 2 minutes and then pulled it out. "It won't be cold yet," I told him, but he bit into it happily, telling me that it was already juicy.

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