Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"I wish I never even had a tongue," Ali wailed. I came home to find that he had eaten most of the pineapple I cut up for the whole family to share. I told him it wasn't his tongue's fault- he shouldn't have been so greedy. "I wish you didn't buy the pineapple," he then decided. We tried having him hold milk on his tongue. It didn't work much.
Actually, when I opened the front door, it was Leila crying. She had broken one of my Colombian dinner plates, but since it was an accident, I didn't yell at her. I just swept it up and told her not to cry. She remembers that she broke one before, too. (I didn't.)
Then Ali started crying about his tongue. The whole day has been a little bit difficult, but now they are safely in bed. I hope tomorrow is cheerier.

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