Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book worms

Yesterday Leila read 7 books. 7. She's doing the summer reading program at the library- she signed up Tuesday. After 5, they put her on a list. After 10, she gets to put something on the wall. For every 5 after that, they donate a book to a book deprived child. I think at this rate she'll be stocking some libraries!
Ali is participating too, but at the listener level. For every 10 minutes someone reads to him, he puts a check mark. He got tired of waiting for people to read to him, and started reading to himself. Basically, he looks at the pictures and tells himself the story. Sometimes I have to get him started. Sometimes we can get Leila to read to him. He's put a lot of checkmarks, some probably undeserved.
I only read one novel. And then a few pages of The Power of Photography, one of the books in my summer reading pile.

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morningstar said...

Could you rotate the stack of books a few degrees? I can't read any of the titles!!!