Wednesday, June 09, 2010

copious tears

Last night Leila sat down to watch Pollyana. This is a new version made a few years ago for Masterpiece Theatre, and set in Britain, not the 1960s version that I remember. I warned her that it was sad, but being busy with other things, I didn't sit down with her. About an hour into the movie, I heard Ali saying something comforting to her, so I went out to check on her. When I sat down beside her, she threw herself into my arms, sobbing. I assured her that it ended happily, but she wanted me to watch the rest with her, so I settled in.
Then Ali started to cry (although it seemed a little fake at first). "This reminds me of my dream last night," he said. He had woken up crying from a sad dream that Grandma died. I suggested we call her, and set him up to talk to her. Soon he came back into the living room, crying in earnest. Apparently recounting the dream made him even sadder. I got him started on another topic, and returned to my weepy couch potato. Soon the movie ended, happily, I guess, though I don't think they emphasized Pollyana regaining her ability to walk enough.
The kids headed for bed- Ali still rather sad, and, apparently, hungry. (A frequent occurence). I gave him some cantaloupe, and when I went to tuck him in, he said, "I'm happy now that I had melon."
The other funny thing that happened yesterday was I told Ali we'd be seeing his friend Titus today- "Can I fall down now?" he asked me. "What?" "I fainted," he said. He's very excited.

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