Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Sleepies

Today is a sleepy Sunday afternoon- albeit one with no time in which to sleep. I've washed clothes- just need to fold them while watching my t.v. shows tonight. I've graded papers, and now I'm about to do some online class prep for this summer. I'm also supposed to work on my paper for grad class. But I'm soooo sleepy!
It's been a beautiful sunny afternoon instead of the forecasted rain. The nearby park is full of tents and art, and I think the air is full of pollen, which would explain the sleepiness. The kids lucked out with friends coming by on their way to the art festival taking them along. But since noone volunteered to grade my students' essays, I stayed home. A couple cups of coffee and a delicious roast and mashed pototo dinner have helped a bit, and so I straggle on.
Yesterday I gave myself time to play- Leila and her friends went with me to a free production of the world premiere of "The Princess Test," a well written and very funny play by a Ailene Pylant, who works at the college with me. Ali played his final game of soccer, which, amazingly enough, his team lost, breaking their season long winning streak. To celebrate, they got McD's for lunch. Then the kids and I went over to look at art. Well, they mostly looked at and petted dogs. The art festival is an unofficial dog show as well. We didn't buy any art, just our usual bag of kettle corn that I'll snack on for a week.
Hope your weekends have been productive, and fun and not sleep inducing.

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