Monday, May 03, 2010

stormy weather

The rain predicted for this weekend finally blew in late this afternoon. Ali opened the door to check on the weather and let me know it was going to rain, and it was cold.
At dinner we saw a flash of lightening and heard a loud thunder rumble. "When is the t.v. and the computers and the lights going to go off?" he asked. It took a minute, and I realized he was remembering some bad storms we'd had that knocked our power out. He wanted us to huddle in the hallway and tell ghost stories- but not too ghosty. I agreed that in a while, when it's really dark, we'll turn off all the lights and tell stories. I just hope the power doesn't really go out.
We did spend a few minutes in the hallway just for fun, although it never got very dark. I was not permitted to tell any stories with ghostly whooooo-ing noises, so I changed mine to animal sounds. The kids each told a story as well. They thought it a lot of fun. I think the storm was pretty much over by then, though.

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Nakia Stewart said...

That's unique. Something to keep their minds off of the storm. I like reading other people's ideas because it gives me some of my own. Thanks and check out some of my hot topics!