Monday, March 08, 2010

brotherly love

Leila and Ali are playing Star Wars Lego game online. I've heard him trying to get her to help him while I try to nap, and now she is, by playing for him. "I love you," he tells her, giving him a big hug. "Thank you," she replies. "I think."
Once she finishes that level she stops helping him, and now they aren't getting along too well. She doesn't want to play the game anymore.
"Well, next time I get some food I'm not going to share it with you," he tells her. She says I'm going to make him share with her. "Please, please, please," he begs her. Finally he gives up and, although she says she'll go help him, it appears she's off to build a fort.
I have to make dinner.
Update: A short time later, in the kitchen.
"Leila, I will prazur if you help me with the Star Wars game," Ali says in a very nice tone of voice.
"You will what?" I ask him. He repeats the same sentence.
"You will praise her? You will say, 'You're so great, Leila?'" I ask him?
"No. I will preciate if she will help me."
"Epreciate," she tells him, while I grab him for a hug and some kisses.
Finally she agrees, "But this is the last time!"

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