Sunday, March 21, 2010

40 is the new 30

Actually, someone said "40 is the new 20" but I prefer not to repeat that decade.
My birthday began as we drove back from a few days in Houston. It began again with the kids waking me up, several times. H and I slept in, but the kids had started their night in the car, so they were up sort of bright and early. Finally Leila couldn't wait anymore and brought me breakfast in bed- milk and yogurt. Ali then asked if I wanted breakfast in bed- he was offering cereal. But Leila let him know she'd already brought me breakfast. "Okay, I'll eat your cereal then," he happily announced.

I remember when my mother turned 40 I made her a lovely card with a picture of a hill- at the bottom was a grave, and the little figure was already started down. The message was something about being "over the hill." Here's the card Leila made me:

A little bit later, luckily when I was already drinking my coffee, Leila brought in a cheap, plastic lunch box. "The milk disappeared!" she told us. She had put milk in the box, and then put it in the freezer to see if it would freeze, but instead, it disappeared. In this case, that means it leaked out of the box which was in the top shelf of the freezer all over the rest of the freezer. Much as I appreciate her inquiring mind, I did not appreciate cleaning frozen milk off of the food, walls, and floor of the freezer, especially on my birthday.
Our neighbor brought over the mail she'd collected while we were gone, including several packages- a birthday package from my brother and sister-in-law, and the prizes I won recently from a publisher, including this camera:

The rest of the day was unpacking, replenishing the food supply, and making dinner. My plan was to make a fancy desert, but I opted to buy a Tom Thumb bakery cake, which is pretty good, and make a fancy dinner instead. Daffodils were on sale, so I got some to brighten up the gloomy day.

(this is this morning, after the blooms had opened.)
The day itself got a nice layer of frosting when it started to snow in the late evening.

(What we woke up to.)
All pictures taken with my new Coolpix.

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concretegodmother said...

snow on your birthday! wow! and it's in the 70s here all week, though we did have fog this a.m.

nice camera -- can't wait to see more shots -- and nice birthday cards. how totally cute are they?! I love the two renditions of the "happy birthday" song. i guess looking like a monkey can be considered better than rolling down the hill to one's grave. ;-)

i like the adorable little tea set you were served milk in. and the pitcher in which the beautiful daffodils are resting is also lovely.

so glad you had a good day (despite the freezer cleaning incident).