Friday, February 19, 2010

Soccer gear

In a city just north of me, there is an ordinance against selling used shoes. Doesn't seem very friendly to the poor among them. I wonder if charity groups are allowed to give away used shoes?
I found this out when I drove, with Leila and Ali, to a used sports equipment store. Then I had to drive to another one of their stores in a city to the west of mine. That took about 1/2 an hour. That store did have cleats in their sizes, luckily, and just happened to have 2 size 3 balls that had just come in. However, the owner told me that they don't have a lot of soccer gear because the city that neighbors theirs to the west has a great soccer store. They happen to have a lot of cleats because of lacrosse. I was pretty done by this time, and couldn't face driving to this wonderful store, but still needed shin guards, shorts, and socks, so I drove down to a general sports store and found some shin guards on sale, but a paltry selection of socks, so opted out of buying those.
By this time it was 7:30. We still had to get home, eat dinner, Leila had to finish her homework for the week, and do one more lice treatment shampoo. It was late when we finally got to bed.
Today's the first practice. I'm going to have to figure out the sock situation before then, but once again, time will be tight as Leila also starts Girl Scouts today. Cookies anyone?

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concretegodmother said...

go, soccer mom! ;-) and girl scout cookies...mmmmmmm. too bad it's lent right now. (sigh)