Friday, February 19, 2010


After finding another empty yogurt container sitting next to the sink, I reminded Leila, "You can throw this away." "I need to wash it out and put it in the recyling," she replied. "Oh, I don't recycle these," I said. "Then you don't care about me," was her retort.
Ummm. Really? Who bought you the yogurt, little girl? And if you cared about ME, it wouldn't be sitting on the counter!
But now I'll think about recyling them when I'm at home. Leila really keeps us on our toes about this. Sometimes it's a little annoying.


Winnie said...

The girl is right (:
recycling is uber important <3

Lomagirl said...

I agree. I've been very good with it, just hadn't realized I could recycle the yogurt cups.