Monday, January 18, 2010

Holiday Weekend

Today started with breakfast in bed. Well, it started with Leila telling me I was getting breakfast in bed, but I had to get up and make my own coffee, of course, and wash the blueberries. But still, breakfast in bed brought by someone else is never to be sneezed at.
Now I've given Leila the task of collecting and emptying the cups from last night's party. She's pouring all the liquid into one cup an then emptying that into the plants in the garden. She deosn't want to just pour it down the sink- that's wasteful.
And speaking of the party last night- it was lots of fun. Every once in a while I get the urge to just invite a huge number of people over and see how they fit- both in the house and with each other. I think everyone had a good time. The kids played well together- someone stepped on Leila's face at one point, but I told them they shouldn't be walking on the bed anyway. The grownups talked well together- I think everyone connected with someone else, and I enjoyed getting to see and socialize with people that I don't often get to sit down and talk with. About 26 people came, including an 8-month-old baby with the cutest stick-straight-up pigtails.
(Leila is having recycle/waste crisis as she cleans up. She found a napkin that didn't look very used and wanted us to reuse it. I didn't think we should, so she wants to recycle it. And now she came in to tell me that when we pick someone up from somewhere in the car, if it's more than 20 minutes we need to turn the car off.)
I made two huge pots of soup- one chicken, veggie and rice, and the other black bean for the vegetarians. There should be enough for lunch today- and maybe at work tomorrow- but that's all that's left. I also made a loaf of whole wheat bread in the machine and some Kesra- Morroccan bread, which our Morroccan friend approved. Luckily I bought some too because we demolished most of it. Guests rounded out the meal with brownies, pie, veggies, and some delicious appetizers from my neighbor. All in all it was quite a success.
This whole weekend has been lots of social fun. Saturday night a friend came by for dinner and then I went to some art gallery opening with another friend. The first show was my prof from last summer and the gallery-Barry Whistler- was choc full of professors, students, and others. We spent a lot of time talking. Then we went down to a group show at 500X where we met up with some friends. The best part of the evening was them announcing she's pregnant. Upstairs we ran into some other friends who announced they had gotten married last weekend.
We then were supposed to go off to Samar, but the table wait was 2 hours so we headed over to Stephan Pyles for snacks and desert. All in all, a fun night.
(Should I feel guilty that I'm still in bed and my little daughter is cleaning up? Nah. She's enjoying herself.)


Loma Kath said...

That sounds VERY fun -- I'm jealous. Mostly of the gallery hopping and late night snacks at Stephen Pyles. But so glad your party went well, too.

Bebemiqui said...

Sounds like much was had by all. Thanks for commenting on my post, kudos for getting through my hubby's post (he uses a lot of words to get to the point).
In answer to your question, we cannot talk to our seven elders because they are the reason why we are confused.
All of this started with us asking them some questions on some of their (the elders) sermons. We were told we can't ask questions. Then we were told by another elder asking questions wasn't the problem, our attitude was the problem. It's quickly degenerated in the last 8 months to us saying, "Here's what we're saying," and them saying, "We feel you actually mean such and such, so we're going to respond to that." They fired us from the missions coordinator position, dissolved the house church we led w/ another couple, won't let me help w/ Sunday School and yet say that we've done nothing wrong.
Like I said, confusing.
Long story short, we have lost all of our confidants in the last year.