Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ali desperately wants to buy something. He has his three dollars that have been lying around the house for ages, and which I stole the other night just in case I needed some for the valet but then didn't so discreetly returned out of my pants pocket today.
He wants a webkinz, but I tell him he needs more money. He wants an octopus with one eye and furry arms like his friend has. Where did he get it? I ask. "At the Octopus store?" he guesses. I laugh. "At the sea store?" he tries again. I'm impressed and try to tell him so through my laughter.
Then he starts to fuss. "I want to buy something now!" But I didn't want to take him, and he needed more money for anything good. "Give me some," he said. But I want him to earn it. Soon he is crying and fussing alot. I tell him to stop.
"If you do give me a dollar I'll stop and if you don't give me a dollar I won't stop."
I have to hide my face in my shirt I'm laughing so hard at this point. Unfortunately, it doesn't calm him down.
He got his dollar finally yesterday through giving me a massage. It didn't help me much, and wasn't really worth a dollar, but when I left for work this morning he was holding his four dollars in his hand. He is hoping to have enough soon to buy that octopus with furry arms, or a dragon with fire.

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Loma Kath said...

I'm laughing, too. Very clever, Ali!