Monday, December 07, 2009

Good morning

I was running a bit late this morning. Last night I got to attend D magazine's supper club at Samar, complete with belly dancers, who got several of the crowd, including me, up to dance. That wasn't that late, but by the time I got to bed, and then fell asleep after drinking strong turkish coffee too late, it was a short night. Add to that being woken up by a kid calling out for daddy, who leaped out of bed at the tone of her voice, and then trying to calm the food fight going on in my belly, making it even shorter.
Leila must have realized I was running late, though, because when I came into the kitchen to fill up my water bottle, I found a full bottle beside a toasted toaster pastry on a napkin and a note which said, with an arrow pointing at the bottle, "I fulld it up!" and beneath the pastry, "I love you."


LA the plannerd said...

OMG i want a kid RIGHT NOW! can i get one that has skipped right to the awesome leila stage and passed diapers and inability to form words?

Lomagirl said...

Maybe, but you have to contend with the six year old as teenager stuff, too.
The cooing baby, dirty diapers, and first words give you something to look back on- in relief and sentiment- when the annoyingness is gettting you down.