Monday, December 14, 2009


I've never much pushed the Santa idea. I think last year I asked Leila what she believed, and she didn't really. This year she really wanted Santa to be true, so I tried to break it to her gently. She cheered up pretty quickly.
Ali didn't care.
Unfortunately, he told his friend at school, who went up to the teacher, face long, to confirm this sad tale. The teacher, of course, deflected, and asked Ali not to talk about it at school. He told me when he got home. I said, "If the tooth fairy is real, then Santa is real. But if the tooth fairy isn't real, then Santa isn't real." This was a direct quote from Leila, which makes me think she's pretty smart. I told him not to talk to his friends about this.
Ali was a slow learner on this one, though, and the next day he was back to telling friends that Santa isn't real.
Wait till he gets the coal in his stocking....
Yesterday Ali told me that Santa is real. Hmmm. SOunds like someone is confused. I didn't want to push it since he's at school today and Santa is making an appearance. He also told me he knows not to talk about Santa not being real at school.

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