Wednesday, June 03, 2009

End of the year teacher gift ideas

As usual I've waited till the last minute to figure out a gift for my daughter's teacher. Tomorrow is the last day of school! I actually thought of a good idea last week but didn't do it yet- gift cards to a movie theater with popcorn. But my daughter isn't keen on that. She wants jewelry, so I'll whip out some earrings tonight and pair them with a little bowl from Tunisia.
But here's my complaint- I'm reading all these gift ideas and some of them are talking about getting all the parents to chip in on a gift. I hate that since it can really put someone in an awkward place if they don't have the money or don't want to do the gift. I'm really anti group things after one of my classes this semester decided we should all chip in on cake and a pinata for the professor, who some of the students knew very well but some of us hardly at all. Since I was completely broke that week, I pulled out my change to contribute, but it felt really yucky to be forced into that or to say "no" to the whole idea. To top it off, we'd already decided to meet at a restaurant that day which I also didn't want to do, but didn't want to spoil everyone else's fun by saying no.
So, how do the rest of you handle things like this?

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