Monday, March 09, 2009

Postcard Project

Dear blog friends,
I'm working on an installation art piece called "Having a Good Time." It examines postcards and family vacations, and the way that we memorialize these times through the ritual of photography. The vacation becomes what the photograph dictates to our memory.
Part of the project includes a rack of postcards from all over the world that the viewers can take home with them. They will say something like "Having a great time. Wish you were here," or something else appropriate to a postcard.
I need your help to get lots of postcards. If you live somewhere exotic or somewhere mundane, as far away as Australia, or as close as Dallas, it doesn't matter. Write a brief postcard (or 2) and send it to me. I need to get them by April 25. I hope to receive them from all over the US and the rest of the world as well. So if you'd like to post this to your blog, or pass it on to friends another way, please do so.
Send to:

PO Box 836984
Richardson, TX 75083-6984

Thanks ya'll


Loma Kath said...

I'll get you some postcards... soon. I have a few collected from well-meaning vacations that never got sent.

Loma Kath said...

When I first read your thoughts behind the art project it reminded me of the time I started doing Creative Memories. Scott asked, "Why do they call it creative memories. Is that like creative accounting?" It seemed to him I were taking the photos of an experience and creating out of it the memory that I wanted.

Lomagirl said...

That is much what we do. We edit out what we choose to remember and pass on as a memory. We don't record the mosquitos and the heat, for example.

Beth said...

Hee! I think I have a good postcard or two sitting around...