Sunday, March 29, 2009

aches and pains

Ali has a growing vocabulary, and often surprises us with the words he knows.
Today he said, "I think I sprained my ankle," but he obviously hadn't- just twinged it or something. And at the lunch table he said, "I twisted my neck." Now that's something I've heard his grandma say often, and his grandpa was always threatening to wring our necks as children (he called us chickenheads, so wringing our necks would have made sense).
He did bang himself up a bit today by running into things.
We drove over to a park we've never been to. There was a soccer game going on, and some extra balls around, so the kids, H, and a Libyan friend started kicking them around. Then I recognized a little boy from Ali's school, and they knew each other so started playing. It got later and later, but when we left the kids said we'd just arrived. By the time we made it home Ali was pretty hungry, and he suffers from "low sugar cranky butt disorder" (so named by Pioneer Woman). He was crying and begging to watch t.v., and I refused to turn it on. Finally I persuaded him to sit down and eat something. Once his stomach had something in it, he forgot all about pestering me for t.v., and even hopped happily into the bathtub.
Now he is falling asleep (I hope) in his own bed. He always talks big before bedtime about sleeping in his own bed, but then when it comes time to actually go in there, he says, "Actually, I was just kidding," and crawls back into mine. But tonight I somehow persuaded him to go straight to his own bed. Just as well, because mine is piled high with laundry to be folded.

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Kirk said...

I have a senior that has "low sugar cranky butt syndrome"
his brother threatens to carry food in his pocket so when it comes upon the big one, he can stuff food in his mouth and get him to hush up. :-)