Sunday, March 29, 2009

Black is black (I want my baby back!)

Leila was always a pink girl, with some violet thrown in for good measure. However, that has all changed. Her new favorite color is BLACK. Today she told me she wants a black t-shirt, but she settled for a black skirt and a camoflage t-shirt. She told me, "I want to be a bad girl." Oh, dear! I thought, but then realized why. I explained to her that I didn't want her to be a bad girl, and one didn't have to be one to wear and like black. "There's anothe kind of person who wears black," I said, giving her a chance to guess who.
"I know," she says. "The army wears black."
"No," I quickly tell her. "They wear camoflage like your shirt."
"Oh yeah, artists wear black."
"Yes! And you're good at drawing and singing. You can be an artist."
She likes this idea. "With a beret!" But then she thinks these are for boys. I get out mine and she puts it on and begins to pose. It works!

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