Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The healing power of money

I've been suffering terribly from sciatic pain since early December. I did physical therapy in January, and though it helped somewhat, the pain was still unbearable at times. Luckily it could easily be controlled with a couple of ibuprofen as opposed to 4 at at time, 3 times a day. So last Thursday I went to the doctor, ready to finallyl get an MRI and maybe some cortison shots. I spent Friday setting up the appointment and giving all my information to the radiology people. They called about 3 times. The last time they let me know exactly how much it was going to cost me. And wouldn't you know it, my cheap skate body finally started healing itself. No way are you going to pay 240 dollars, it said. Although I don't feel 100% yet, I appear to be well on the road to recovery, and certainly far enough along to think that I don't need to pay that much money to be told I'm fine.

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