Thursday, January 29, 2009

What more?

Ali complained this morning-"Somebody woke me up." Then he asked for some water, and I thought- "Oh no. Now he's got a fever." Sure enough, he did. I tried to give him tylenol, but his body rejected it, and the same with ibuprofen. So the poor kid got a wet washcloth on his head.
I got ready for work, and took Leila to school on my way in, but H called later to say he was going to pick her up as she wasn't well.
It was a long day at work. There are a lot of pieces to pick up when you are absent for so long.
But now everyone is asleep, though Ali woke up a while ago, frantic but incoherent. I couldn't tell if he wasn't speaking or if he couldn't (he likes to use nonsense words). Then I realized he probably needed the bathroom, and while I was holding him, that realization was confirmed. (He was wearing a pullup, too, so he just proved he wasn't dehydrated!)
So it's been a long day, at almost the end of a long week. What can happen tomorrow? Dare I ask?

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