Saturday, January 24, 2009

the scary side of parenting

warning: not for the squeamish

Leila has had bloody stool several times in the last two weeks. After the second incident, I took her to the dr, and she sent us for a kub x-ray (kidney, uretha, bladder) and then to a gastroenterologist right away. The gas. dr. scheduled a colonoscopy for Monday morning. This means no solid food on Sunday- just jello (and I have to find halal jello!) and clear liquids. She also has to take some clean out assisters. Monday morning we report bright and early for anasthesia and the procedure.
The first dr. was leading toward Meckels Diverticulitus, but the specialist thinks polyps. I wasn't worried too much about this until H got on the internet and got more information about these. Now I'm doing alot of praying and working off putting off worrying about it until we actually know what to worry about.
We've always been so fortunate. Yeah, there have been lots of standard sicknesses, and Ali had jaundice and asthma issues, but still, nothing too serious. I hope this isn't serious either.
It feels totally trivial after that to add that this week was terrible. I worked an 11 hour day on Tuesday and ran all over the campus for the first day of the semester(didn't feel sciatic pain luckily, partly do to the copious amounts of ibuprofen), came home to the news of Leila's stool and a vomiting Ali, and had to leave work early on a busy Wednesday for a dr.'s appt as well as find a sub for Thursday morning- not ideal the second day of class. Thursday and Friday I felt the effects on my sciatic nerve of all the running around. Luckily this morning has been spent in bed- except for making blueberry pancakes- and the rest of the day is birthday parties- Leila has one this afternoon, and I get to go to girl's night out this evening. Yeah! Tomorrow we plan to stay home for the great prep day, so we'll get lots of rest, too.

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gb said...

Thank you for sharing this. Rest assured, we are definitely praying.