Monday, January 26, 2009

Good news!

Leila's colonoscopy went well, and we are home a little less than three hours after we left. The dr. didn't find anything to be worried about, and recommended more fiber in the diet.
Leila is eating goldfish and watching cartoons, settled in on the couch for the day. It's a good day for snuggling with a misty rainyish kind of day outside.
Leila is a great patient. Yesterday she woke up thrilled to be eating jello for the day- "This is the best day," she proclaimed. After just jello, broth, and juice she did cry a little bit from hunger, but that was soon fixed with popsicles and lifesavers and permission to eat as much of them as she wanted.
She wasn't scared this morning, but she did want some hugs, and everything was fine until she felt yucky after the procedure. But now she is fine.
So, thank you for your prayers and thoughs, and thank God for protection and good health.

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pickleandcake said...

so good to hear!! i'd been a bit behind on my blog reading and just read about her difficulties, so i am glad to also be able to hear the good news!!

p.s. i forgot for a second that goldfish where those little crackers! hah! "she's eating goldfish? OH!"