Thursday, December 25, 2008

and the day isn't over yet

The stockings were disemboweled, the presents torn into, and naps were over. We stuffed ourselves on prime rib and mashed potatoes, and finally got around to opening the Christmas crackers.
Each of us put on our tissue paper hats- Ali's was red- his new favorite color. He ate the whole sucker from his stocking, and I sent him in to wash his hands. A little while later Leila said- "Ali threw his hat in the toilet." Oh, I groaned, picturing myself having to fish it out. But my dad thought it would be okay, so I stayed in my comfortable spot, finishing my coffee.
Leila, however, decided that it shouldn't stay in the toilet, so she fished it out and threw it in the kitchen trash, with her bare hands.

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pickleandcake said...

well, as long as the hat was the only thing in the toilet...