Tuesday, October 21, 2008

pajama day

We started talking about it on the way home from school yesterday- which pajamas to wear to school for pajama day. We need to tell Baba, I said, though Leila wanted to surprise him. Then she decided she could surprise Ali, but spoiled that by telling him as soon as she got home, that "tomorrow I get to wear pajamas to school!!" She decided on her pink ones from China. (Which was good, because I'd already figured out that was her only choice.) After bath time she put them on, smiling with the thought of the next day. "I'll just get out of bed and go to school."
This morning, fresh from my shower, I find her grinning in the hallway. "Don't get dressed," I tell her, in the same tone I'd use to tell her to dress. She grins and grins at me. "Eat your breakfast," I remind her. "I did," she asserts, and races off to put on shoes and brush her hair. She appears, backpack on, to tell me she is ready to go, still tickled pink about having her pajamas on.
In the kitchen as I make my lunch we talk about who at school will be wearing pajamas. She decides the assistant principal will, but maybe not the principal. I wonder if anyone will be wearing a smile as big as hers.

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