Thursday, October 30, 2008

My vs. Our

Yesterday the kids were fighting over the big pumpkin H bought for a jack o' lantern. They've spent the last couple of days wrapping it up in blankets and towels, getting it dry and warm in preparation for its facelift. But yesterday I heard, "It's MY pumpkin." "No, it's MY pumpkin." Much crying ensued. So I sat them down and explained that it is for everyone, it's OUR pumpkin. ALi repeated this easily, but Leila wasn't so sure. "You can't play with it if you call it 'my' pumpkin. You have to say 'our'," I tell her. She agrees, at least for a while.
Sojourners has a blog post about this in terms of the election. It isn't about what is good for the individual who is voting, it is about the common good.
And well you are over there, read this post about Bishop Desmond Tutu's recent speech in Chicago. What a wise man.

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