Wednesday, October 29, 2008

choosing sides

I'm saving up a bunch of kid cutenesses to share with you on a pad of paper at home in my kitchen drawer, which is inaccessible to me when I actually write on my blog. Hence the saving up.
But, I just need to take a moment to comment on some cuteness of Ali. You may have noticed in a couple of posts ago that he doesn't ask to be picked up, he says, "Pick me." And I always want to reply- "I do pick you. You are so on my team- one of my first choices (sis is the other)- but I'm not going to pick you up." Sometimes I can't resist though, because he's just soooo huggable.
Lately when I ask for a kiss he makes a kissing sound and blows, even with his pacifier in his mouth.
Finally, he has become very independent and has to do many things himself. Since he has finally mastered the art of putting clothes on, this is a good thing, unless he has chosen something completely inappropriate to wear. In that case, much crying ensues (on both sides). Another thing is that he always has to get his own spoon out of the drawer, and if I open the yogurt container all the way he doesn't want to eat it. However, he can't open it completely by himself, so I have to start it and then put it back down. Sometimes I worry that this need for things to be exactly the way he wants them will never end!

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