Monday, September 08, 2008

dna fuzziness

Kirsty does such a good job of expressing how I feel about the people I grew up around.
There is a group of people who are associated with [Loma Beautiful] who I do not know how to write about because they are a part of my DNA. How would you write about your favorite childhood blanket? You can say it's warm and fuzzy, but that wouldn't come close to describing what it actually felt like to you. And as you grow up, you may only pull out that blanket every few years, just for a few moments...but every time you touch it, it's as familiar to you as your own skin.

This is why we have reunions every 5 years or so. I don't talk to everyone at the reunion, at least, not more than a brief hello. But I soak in the familiarity of it all, and I enjoy just watching bits of me and my past walking around and talking to other people. Isn't it funny how we can still recognize a silhoute (even if I can't spell it) or a gesture?

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