Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding books

I'm reading "The Toaster Broke, So We're Getting Married." It's very good on the subject of weddings.
That said, this wedding- or blessing as it looks like it is becoming- is getting planned.
I think we're going to do the legal ceremony with just family, and then the big party will be a blessing with our friends. It gets kind of strange and awkward when you have children and are common-law already.
My parents can bring flowers with them from Colombia, and we'll do the arranging ourselves. I've got tablecloths from IKEA, and different vases.
I'm going to cook my own mini quiches, I think, and maybe some little rolls for chicken salad sandwiches. That, with a cheese plate, fruit, nuts, and CAKE! should be enough. Oh, and a Tunisian friend and I will make makroud (sweets) and then she'll make some other ones as well. I bought mints (at 50%) to satisfy my sister's craving for them, and jelly beans are part of the plan as well. Round that all off with punch, coffee, and champagne, and I think we've got ourselves a party.
Should I include hummus and pita chips? Or maybe smoked salmon on crackers with cream cheese. What do you think?

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Lorenloo said...

it all sounds so awesome and i am very sad not to make it!! :(. but i'm sure it will be lovely and i hope to be able to see you while i'm on my ever so brief dallas escapade.

p.s. hummus = always a good idea.