Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gift Registering

Planning a wedding involves difficult decision making. One of the hardest parts is the gift registry. I really struggled with this for several reasons. One, we aren't setting up a household- we've been together for quite a while. And, while I would like new pots and pans, it also feels funny asking for gifts- which is essentially what a gift registry does. Second, our tiny house is bulging at the seams, and H can't stand adding one more thing to the mix. (I'll just find room for it.)Third, I find gift registries impersonal and not always what I want. I figure I want a waffle iron, but I don't care which one I get. If you've been using one for 20 years and love it, by all means, get me that brand. And that goes for other things, too.
I did cave in and register for a few things at Target, just because I know some people will want me to. I didn't link to it, though, from my evite.
I decided a good thing to do would be to write a blog about what I want in generic terms, so, here it is:
I love tablecloths- rich, global traveler ones. And pillows, too. I need some fantastic serving bowls that work on a global traveler type tablecloth. I love oranges and greens. I like ecologically minded items as well. Those goblets made from recycled water bottles are totally cool. Oh, and my espresso cups are getting chipped up- a new set would be great.
For the kitchen- I've long wanted an ice-cream maker and a waffle iron, but we don't have a lot of room for them right now. I also would really like some good pots and pans- the ones we have are getting worn- and a good knife set. (Rachel Ray has an orange handled one.) Our blender is fine, if bland. Someday I want a Kitchen Aid mixer in a funky color, but not now- no room. A great full apron- one of those old fashioned looking ones that are so popular now would be helpful. I also need a saute pan with a lid- kind of a deep skillet, really.
A gift to Heifer or Habitat for Humanity would be awesome. (I was going to just cite these, but I realized I wanted some gifts for me, too.)
So those are my ideas. Can you think of anything I've left out?

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