Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sweet sleep

When I got home from class last night, the kids were still up. They weren't ready to go to bed yet, either. So bedtime was super late. This was okay for 2 reasons- they can sleep in today, and, they were so tired they went to sleep pretty quickly. (Me, too. I was telling Leila she had stayed up too late, and she said, "you're going to be exhausted tomorrow.")
The cool thing about them falling asleep so quickly is that Ali actually fell asleep on his own in his own bed! He turned on his star night light and happily climbed in. Actually, he kind of fell across the bed, and I made him move his head to the pillow. I climbed into bed myself, so when I heard him complaining about something I just ignored him. Then I heard Leila telling him, in a semi-exasperated voice- to just turn his star light on. I guess he was saying he was scared. It worked, and we were all soon asleep.
He did climb into bed with me at some point in the night, and he did ask for a hand to hold. But that's okay. We're moving in the right direction.
(The night before I moved him into his bed after he fell asleep, and he came in early in the morning complaining about a bad dream about bugs. H later asked him what the bugs were doing, and Ali said, "Flapping.")

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